Case study 14- Downsizing from a house in foreclosure in Georgia.

Warner Robins Seller Downsizingdownsizing waqrner robins georgia house

The Warner Robins area is full of retired military and other citizens in the baby boomer age that have decided to sell their Georgia house for a smaller house that’s easier to maintain. The Bonaire Georgia seller in this case is selling for a similar reason…

We try to reach out to homeowners in foreclosure to try and help them get out of their current situation. After sending a post card this homeowner, the seller’s grandson contacted us to come over and see what we could offer. Here is what we found.

The Sellers problem

The owner of this Bonaire Georgia house had missed five months of mortgage payments and was going into foreclosure in ten days. She was diagnosed with a terminal illness and was not able to maintain her Bonaire house or keep up with her bills. Her grandkids were helping pay some of the bills while they were in town, but the house payments had gotten too far behind. Most of her living family lived in Norway and could not stay in town long. If she lost the house, her credit would be hurt too bad to qualify for the apartment she was trying to move into.

The frustration from the family was very obvious, but they worked a plan. No one could stay very long, so they were taking turns flying in for a week or two then going back as the next few family members came in a few more weeks. Everyone was worried about leaving her alone for any length of time (since she had already fallen a couple times before).

The Real Estate Solution

With our help, we managed to stop the foreclosure on her Bonaire Georgia house two days before the auction. She had movers move the big items in her house. She tried to move the rest herself because she could not afford a crew to move all her things. After a week of not being able to find anyone to help her move, my team moved the rest of her belongings to her new apartment.

She is now settled in her new home and her oldest grandson is moving back from Norway to help her. She is happy to have a place with close neighbors and no yard work required.

Real Estate Problem Solver

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