Georgia Property Managers learn the Right Attitude!

Several years ago, we owned a couple of rental houses in Warner robins Georgia. Because we were “cheap” (and we were not making much rent), we chose to self-manage our properties. What a nightmare that was!! We had no clue what it really took to be a landlord. Tenants not paying, leaving in the middle of the night to avoid eviction, stealing things from the houses, destroying carpets and walls. It was a never-ending onslaught of devastating financial blows. Ultimately, we lost the houses to bankruptcy/foreclosure. A blessing in disguise? We thought so. Property management was NOT fun.tired landlord

Landlord tries again

A few years later we had the opportunity to purchase another rental house. All I could think of was “OH NO, not again!” After some “debate”, we decided to try again, but this time we would hire a real property manager. Wonderful! No more cleaning and fixing or evictions. Yay, we had someone much more experienced than we were to help us keep everything floating along easy peesy… Uh oh, wrong again!!

The decision to hire a property manager gave birth to a whole new kind of nightmare. Now we had repairs not being completed but still being charged for them or being charged for every tiny little thing. We got charged for services being rendered that had already been taken care of and paid for… by OUR handy man. It was another never-ending onslaught of financial despair.

learn to be a Georgia landlordGet an Education or you WILL get Educated

We were so desperate to find a way that worked. We took real estate classes and seminars several times a year, anything that may lead us down a path of financial success with rentals and finally take us away from the financial burdens that were continuously dragging us down. It was during one of these classes that I heard about a man that taught a class specific to land lording. Since this was about the time, we were being forced to take back over management of our own rental properties again, it seemed like our best option. And wow, did I learn a ton from him.

I discovered that it is all about attitude. It is amazing what you can change by just seeing things through different glasses. I realized that tenants did NOT have to be a negative experience. In fact, they can actually be considered an asset rather than a liability. When my perspective changed, the way I treated tenants and the way I viewed land lording also dramatically changed. I was learning what being a “Professional Landlord” is all about. After implementing what I was taught, the whole “Georgia rental property” thing started working like it should.

Property Management the right way

I often get asked; if I had one piece of advice to give someone thinking about becoming a property manager or landlord, what would it be. My answer is always to consider the type of person YOU are. How you treat people will make or break you in this business. If you cannot see tenants as an asset, you are likely doomed before you even get started and above all else, take care of your tenants and they will generally take care of you.

I firmly believe that at least part of my success is attributed to the fact that I am always up front and honest with my tenants. I am firm but fair when it comes to whatever issues they may be having in their lives and I am willing to bend, but only if the need arises.

One of my mentors will tell you “if you treat your tenants like family and with the respect they deserve, in most cases you will find that they will pay you before they pay any of their other bills.”

For example, as of this posting, Covid-19 is in full swing and has been holding people in turmoil for two months. The internet is FULL of articles and news about landlords fighting with tenants over rent, rumors of politicians encouraging tenants to NOT pay their rent and “rent strike” signs hanging off the roof of many apartments. We, however, have one tenant that is going to pay late for one month (after calling us and asking for suggestions and getting approval) and one tenant that we are giving a discounted rent for two months. Both tenants called to discuss the situation BEFORE they acted. BEAT THAT!!

If you’re ready to find a hassle-free Professional Landlord, give us a call.

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