Got too many people occupying a house your trying to sell?

selling a house during coronavirus

Are there a lot of people living in the Georgia house you are trying to sell? Selling your house with a big family living in it can be almost impossible… almost. Are you interested in learning how to sell your house while occupied, without loads of additional work? Read more and you will see… 

During this covid-19 pandemic, selling an occupied house in Georgia is bad enough. Listings of occupied houses around Warner Robins have fallen to almost “nothing”. When you add extra people, you have more messes to clean up, more schedules to coordinate and a lot more work. “Sell your house fast” is no longer a term that can be used.

During the Coronavirus outbreak, buyers in Warner Robins and Bonaire Georgia don’t want to visit houses that are still occupied, especially houses that have a large family. So, how do you sell your house while all this is going on? These tips may help.

Out with the old

Selling your house while occupied during Covid-19 is hard enough, but Georgia buyers that do come see your house for sale want to see your house, not your mess.sell my occupied house

Have a talk with the whole family. Explain what is happening and how they can help. Make sure they understand everything unused and unwanted needs to be gone.

Go through everything. Sell or throw away everything you can that is not being used in the last six months, you have grown out of, or are no longer interested in. Fewer items in the house will make it much easier to sell to the buyer that is willing to come see your Georgia house for sale.

Organize Everything

Again, have a meeting with everyone in the house. Now that you have gotten rid of all the extra things in the house you are selling, organize what is left. Buyers in Warner robins and Bonaire are very picky. If you have your stuff laying out, that will hurt your chances of selling your Georgia house.

Put all your things in it’s proper place. Hang pictures, make or buy cabinets and shelves, fold the laundry and make the closets as neat as possible. Warner Robins buyers are coming in to see your house and “Judge”.

The nicer the house looks with you in it, the nicer they think it will look with them in it. You are not going to get many buyers to come look during the coronavirus outbreak, so make it count.

Have The House Professionally Cleaned

Next, the Georgia house your selling can be cleaned by a professional service company. They understand the Covid-19 problem and can clean the house the way Buyers will appreciate. Also, ask if they have paperwork that will show the house was treated for coronavirus. This will make your buyer much more comfortable.

Consolidate The Property Showings

There are different ways to sell your Warner Robins or Bonaire house fast, even during covid-19, you just have to apply the right techniques.

Since you have so many people in the house you are selling, the best option is to have multiple “open houses”. Schedule a time when everyone can be out of the house for 2-4 hours. This will give you time to open the house for buyers to come i

Real Estate Problem Solver

n and look (one at a time) at your Georgia unoccupied house.

The best times to open the house is usually; Sunday after lunch is my favorite time to show a house. Also, Wednesday or Thursday after 5Pm is a great time to get people after work. Show the house at least once a week, twice a week is better.

Put Everyone In Charge Of Something

Assign a section of your Georgia house to everyone in the family. This will make everyone feel a part of the process. It will also be easier to maintain if everyone is chipping in. This gives you time to do a quick walk thru before each showing without scrambling to clean up each time you open your house.

Pack Up Your Personal Items Now

The best way to sell your house fast is to visualize the “win”. Pack up everything that is not “buyer friendly” now and get it packed somewhere else. Stage the house with your essentials and put everything else in storage until you move.

Consider Selling Your House Directly

After doing all this work, it may still take a couple months to get your house sold if your big family is still living there. There is a better way.

Real Estate Problem Solver is still making offers on occupied houses right now during the coronavirus pandemic. We are a direct home buyer in Warner robins, Bonaire and the surrounding area. An on-demand house buyer is better then everything I just mentioned. No open houses, preparing for multiple buyers that may not buy, working your schedule with everyone in the house… every week.

Selling a house as-is, without doing any repairs, clean-up or showings, is a much better alternative to a traditional sale.

Contact Real Estate Problem Solver now for a No-Obligation offer, Advise is free.

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