Nice Neighborhoods in Perry Georgia


Perry Georgia is a quaint little town in Middle Georgia that is starting to catch some of the overflow from Warner Robins. It has a lot of people moving into the local area for new job opportunities and other reasons. Many of the inflow of people are looking at Warner Robins for a place to live but realize Warner Robins is getting crowed. Perry is building popularity on a foot traffic, small town theme that people are wanting to get back to. Perry has a diversity of era neighborhoods that appeals to all tastes from historical to modern. Here is small sample of the nice neighborhoods people are finding in Perry.

we can buy your perry georgia houseOf course, Perry Georgia, like most any other town with charm, still has a historic area. Macon Rd., Swift St., Ball St., and Main St. closer to town house the core of Perry’s historical areas. Similar to Macon, Perry still boasts Georgian, Colonial Revival and a few Neoclassical Revival structures (and all styles in between) from the Teen’s to the 1930’s. Thankfully, it has become stylish to rehab these works of American history and many have done just that… with modern additions, of course. The closeness of these houses to the down town shop and the lively community that goes with it makes need for a time machine obsolete.

need to sell my house perry georgiaBeaver Heights and East end Subdivisions lay just on the east side of the high school and a little further out from town. This area is also within walking distance of the school with smaller, simpler wood siding and brick houses. These post war houses with 1300-1800 square feet on average were built from 1940 into the late 1950’s.

Marshal and Northside subdivisions are like the neighborhood I grew up in. Mostly 1960 and 70’s houses made of brick, some with vinyl, in ranch and farm style floor plans. Just north of the High school off hwy 41. The average size of the houses in this part of Perry neighborhood 1300-1600sf. All within walking distance of the school.

Sell my Perry houseAs time rolled on, Perry grew and Country Club Estates area was born.  The Groovy style of these 60-70’s Mid-Century Modern architecture houses may be to your liking. 1500-2200 sqft houses are just as attractive now as they were then. Some still have the 2.5 inch hardwood floors that were popular in that time. Near Houston lake road, this area is closer to some of the newer mall and retail shops of the outskirts of this town.

Of course, if you just have to have the newest and most modern housing available, Perry has kept up with times very nicely. Legacy Park is one of the newer neighborhoods of the Perry. These contemporary homes have popped up from 2008 to 2017. Featuring the multi-cut roof, Designer brick lay and brushed nickel theme, these larger house run from 1600- 2500 sqft. Since towns grow from the inside out, most of the neighborhoods are around the 341 bypass near the courthouse and retail shops built in the last 20 years. we buy perry houses


Come see this charming little town and if you live here and need to sell one of these homes in the Perry area, remember, we buy houses.

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