5 Tips for Selling a House with Damage in Bonaire Ga.Sell your Bonaire Ga house

Georgia houses are selling fast in the current market. If the house your selling is in Bonaire Georgia, it won’t take long to get a buyer, as long as it is in good condition. If your house is damaged and you are not able to do the repairs, it may take a while to find a buyer.

If you need to sell your Bonaire house while needing repairs, try these tricks…

Tip #1: Include “As-Is” in Your Listing

If you want to list your house with damage, make sure to have the agent include “as-is” in the listing. This tells everyone interested that you are not paying for repairs. This also attracts the people that are specifically looking for “Fixer-upper” houses, like us.

Listing your house with damage can attract certain buyers and deter others. Retail buyers usually want a move-in ready house they don’t have to mess with. This will keep them from wasting your time.

Tip #2: Inspect and Disclose Everything!inspect your house with damage

Most people selling their Bonaire, Ga house will wait and let the buyer (or buyers’ lender) order an inspection of the house. No sense in spending the extra money, Right?

In the case of selling a damaged house, it would be better to have an inspection done yourself and have it ready for your buyers. This shows you have nothing to hide and makes the buyer more comfortable about the damaged house they are buying. Even an experienced buyer likes to have a complete report of what needs to be done.

Tip #3: Visually Spruce it Up

Another tip for selling your house with damage in Bonaire is to pretty it up as much as you can. Make the house visually pleasing.

If your selling the house as-is and needing repairs, do what you can to make the rest of the house look nice. You can repaint the house, landscape the yard or just clean it up real nice to high light the good part of your damaged house. People tend to like a pretty house a pretty house that needs repair over an ugly house that is move in ready.

Tip #4: Entertain “low-ball” offers

sell your house with damage auctionYour Bonaire house is going to attract low ball offers if it requires fixing. A damaged house will not sell for full retail and buyers are going to want a discount for doing the work of repairs a damaged house themselves.

Be willing to negotiate with the buyer. A damaged house requires materials and labor to fix. Many people want to be able to buy the house and fix it up without investing more than the finished product WILL be worth.

This is where a house auction may be a good idea.

Tip #5:  Sell Directly to a Home Buyer

One of the easiest ways to sell your house with damage is to call your local direct home buyer. Many “we buy houses” companies in Bonaire can make different offers to fit your specific needs.

An instant buyer, like Real Estate Problem Solver, pays for their own inspection and buys houses for cash. This makes them faster then selling your damaged house on the MLS.

For more information about selling your Bonaire House without doing the repairs, contact us.

Good Luck

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