3 points to selling your house during a Coronavirus Scare in Warner Robins Georgia

Sell my house during covid-19

As I write this, the area around Robins AFB in Georgia is still trying to accommodate the COVID-19 scare. People who are able to, are being asked to limit their travel as much as possible. Although the numbers of sickness and deaths being reported in Georgia for the Coronavirus are not anywhere as scary as some of the other flu-like illnesses we have had in the past (H1N1, ZICA, Influenza, etc.), this current flu is being treated like the worst bio-hazard on record. But I digress.

Low traffic

Many people are taking the corona virus reports more serious now than when it started and not traveling for any reason. A good point to bring up is that only the serious buyers are still out looking for a house in Warner Robins.

The bad point is that if you are still living in the Warner Robins Georgia house you are trying to sell, that could be causing you undo stress and worry about exposure. Agents are still bringing buyers into your home to make an offer on your house.

What to do about showing your Warner Robins house

Find someone with a high quality video camera. Make a virtual tour of your Warner Robins House you are selling and add that to your listing. People can see the house without exposing themselves. They will appreciate that. You could make the stipulation that only people that have made an offer on your house can come to visit the house in person. This may slow down the sale of the house, but it will allow more people to see your house online without leaving home.

Coronavirus Germ Scare

Lots of cases have been confirmed in Houston county Georgia, so the virus scare is keeping people from going to unfamiliar places or traveling where lots of people have been. It is hard to show a house in Warner Robins when people are afraid of something they can’t see… or can they.

What to do about Corona fairs.

To start with, the best way to sell your house in Warner Robins Ga is after you leave the house so people can see the entire house. The second best way to sell your house is to remove as much stuff as possible and use your furnishings as “staging”. Make the house as clean as possible (I mean spotless). Keep disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizers on the kitchen counter for any quests that come thru. This shows you are doing your part to accommodate their fears.

Direct home buyers limit exposure

You may not get your full asking price, but calling a direct home buyer can streamline your selling process and speed up the sale of your Warner Robins House. If you have to deal with one person buying your house instead of dozens, that’s better, right? We buy houses companies, like us, can many times make a preliminary offer over the phone to see if we are close enough to an agreeable price to warrant coming out to the house.

If we are agreeable, one or two people come out to finalize buying your house. This reduces the number of people traveling thru your house while you are living there. Everyone wins.

For more ideas on getting your house sold in Warner Robins, call us. We can make an offer or give you ideas in 48 hrs. or less.

Good luck.

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