4 Improvements to Make Before Selling Your Mobile Home In Bonaire Georgia

Sell your georgia mobile home

Before selling your Bonaire Georgia mobile home, there are improvements you can make to add value to your property. Try these tricks to get your Mobile home sold.

Make your mobile home energy efficient

People are drawn to mobile homes because it is a cheap alternative. It allows people to spend their money on bigger and better things, but utility bills can be high in a mobile home due to cheap insulation. Having a mobile home that is energy efficient makes it that much more attractive.

Add a good quality insulation to your mobile home. If you can get in the walls or ceiling, these are especially important places to upgrade the insulation. Wrapping the water heater in a blanket will help too.

If the mobile home your selling does not have double pane windows, try adding storm windows to the mobile home. Windows are a big source of lost heat and AC. A quality front door or adding a storm door with help the same as the windows.

Brighten the yard of your mobile home

Curb appeal is as important with a Bonaire mobile home as any house for sale. Look at your mobile home from the road. If there is anything that does not look attractive, touch it up. Cut the grass, trim the shrubs clean and neat and make sure the flower beds have the nicest flowers for the season.

Paint your mobile home

A cheap way to improve your mobile home to sell is to paint it. Fresh paint in the right colors, as long as it’s done right, will make any room pop and feel more open. Check with pintrest for the latest ideas of what people like.

Most large rooms can do well with darker colors, but small rooms need to have lighter colors to make it feel larger and more open.

Move the mobile home

Moving the Bonaire mobile home you’re selling may not be an option if you have a home with land. On the other hand, if your mobile home is on a lot and that area does not look good, it can hurt the value of your mobile home sale. Don’t be afraid to move it to a lot in an area that is cleaner and attractive. The lot rent may be higher, but you’re selling the mobile home.

Consider Your Selling Options

I hope these tips help and remember, we buy mobile homes too.

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