What To Expect When Listing with A Perry Georgia Real Estate Agent

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Ready to sell your house? Learn more about what to expect when listing your house with a  Perry Georgia real estate agent! It may not be the best choice for your property or situation!

Have you ever sold a house before? When hiring an agent to help you sell your house in Perry Georgia, do you know what to look for? For many properties, there is a lot of effort that goes into a successful listing. While every agent works differently, it’s important to have a good idea of what you are getting into. For homeowners who don’t want to deal with the costs and hassles of a traditional sale, working with a direct house buyer may be the better choice! Evaluate the available selling methods to find out what’s right for you!

Cleaning & Staging

When listing your house with a real estate agent in Perry Ga. areas, you’ll need to get it ready for the MLS. You will need to have the property deep cleaned which can cost a few hundred dollars. There are still a lot of other houses being sold that you are competing with. It is best to make your house look better than the rest. Many people will have their home staged in order to make it look more inviting to potential buyers.

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Will the extra cost of all this allow you to increase the price that much more? Ask the agent. Many times, it doesn’t. You’ll also need to keep the house clean for property showings and open houses.

On the other hand, Direct buyers, like Real Estate Problem Solver, buys properties as-is. There is no need to spend the money on cleaning and staging.

Property Showings

If you have a great real estate agent in Warner Robins, Macon, Perry, and Hawkinsville, you should be prepared for constant showings and open houses. The agent should be good at scheduling house showings around your schedule, but in some cases, you may get a call from the agent asking to see the house in 30 minutes, in which case you will need to get the house show-ready and leave before the agent and the interested party arrives. For some homeowners, this part of the process is the most stressful. Most people don’t want like being this agile. Keeping the house clean at all times, and having to leave at a moment’s notice can cause a lot of stress, especially if there are young kids involved.

Many people don’t like the idea of strangers parading through their home, but unless you can buy your next house and make payments on two houses for a while, that’s the price of listing a house on the MLS.

Inspections and Appraisals

When you list your house with a Perry, Ga real estate agent and a buyer finally comes along, you will then have to wait while the property is inspected and appraised. Your real estate agent should be scheduling all this for you.

A good idea is to go ahead a do your own inspection and appraisal on the house your selling so there are no surprises and you can fix any house problems before showing the house. If there any problems you don’t want to fix, you can adjust the price accordingly.

The inspection and appraisal process will help people determine if they really want to go through with the purchase of the property. This can be a nerve-wracking time for a property seller!

As a homeowner, you don’t want to deal with any surprises after the inspection has been completed. Because of this, many sellers will pay to have their own professional inspection completed so they aren’t blindsided by required repairs that weren’t visible without the help of a professional. The seller should also hope that the home appraises as high as the bank requires it to in order to fund the loan. If the house doesn’t appraise well, the bank could deny the loan to your buyer, and taking the offer off the table.


When you list your house with a Perry real estate agent, you’ll want to make sure they have excellent negotiation skills. There will always be some back and forth regarding the price, so you’ll want to work with someone who will fight for you.

You can always avoid the negotiations and hassles by getting a fair and straight-forward offer for your house in Warner Robins, Macon, Perry, and Hawkinsville.

Bank Approval

When working with a traditional buyer, you’ll likely need to jump some hurdles put in place by their lender. The house must appraise for higher than what you are asking and there shouldn’t be any major repairs for the buyer to worry about. It’s only after your house checks out that the bank will fund your buyer’s loan. Going through this process can take several weeks.

When you choose to sell your house in Warner Robins, Macon, Perry, and Hawkinsville direct, without the use of an agent, you’ll be able to avoid the costs and hassles. You’ll get an offer and a guaranteed closing date without any hurdles to clear!

Is listing with a Perry Georgia real estate agent right for you? Contact us today to find out!

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