We buy housesin Warner robinsTrying to help homeowners during the Coronavirus scare in Warner Robins Georgia.

We just finished helping one of the sellers we saved from a February foreclosure move into her new apartment. We moved all her stuff ourselves because she could not afford to hire a crew to move from Warner Robins to her place in Bonaire. She is not in the best health, so we tried to take as much off her plate as possible.

We got her settled into her new place in Bonaire Georgia and she loves it. No yard to maintain and friendly neighbors. Now comes the clean-up of the house in Northlake.

There is still a lot of little items she didn’t want to keep, including an electric chair we need to find a home for (It is expensive and does not need to go to waste). We cleaned the yard, repainted the inside a fresh new color, trimmed the shrubs back so you can see the house and repaired the small items that had been forgotten over the years (including some termite damage that we didn’t see before). We now have a fresh house to add to the community for the Warner Robins people that are desperately trying to find a house like this.

Coronavirus is slowing things down

While helping the homeowner get settled in, the coronavirus is proving to be a barrier for getting work done. Covid-19 reports have forced many of our vendors to shut down and stay home. This is making it hard for us to finish what we started. A few small companies that are more afraid of going bankrupt are staying open and taking whatever precautions they can to keep us going.

Our contractors are trying to stay as clean as possible, washing hands and keeping visitors out as they arrive (people looking for a house to rent are attracted to houses under construction). We keep our housekeeping up and wash our hands often and we are doing fine, so far.

Keeping up with the house and the seller

After cleaning the house, we found two areas in the front of the house that took termite damage in the drywall. Most houses we buy have some old termite damage, but this one still has termites moving in. Luckily, the termites just eat the paper in the drywall, so it is easy to repair with some mud. A termite treatment was not in the budget. We try to make sure our investment can pay for itself in a certain amount of time, this one is going to take longer now.

Checked with our seller after hearing about the first coronavirus victim in Warner Robins Georgia and she is still fine. Waiting on her daughter-in-law to be cleared to fly in from a level-2 country. Covid-19 has restricted travel all over the world. I am trying to keep in touch with my seller since her family are all in other countries right now.

If you buy houses, make sure to keep up with the people you do business with. You helped them because they had a problem that needed solving, keep in touch with them, make sure the problem is fixed.

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