My house is foreclosing next week – case 20

Avoid Ga foreclosure

One of our specialties is saving people from foreclosure.

In Georgia, a foreclosure can be processed in a month (four consecutive weeks), so it is imperative that we move fast. This client called us 10 days before the foreclosure. Not good.

The House Problem

A soon as our client called us about her foreclosure, we drove right over. We inspected the house and interviewed her.  As it turned out, she was ready to let the house go back to the bank. She was moving in with her daughter in a new house to consolidate expenses and help babysit the grandson. The problem is that if her house goes into foreclosure, she will no longer qualify for the new house and her daughter could not buy the new house alone.

The Solution

After talking with our client, we agreed on a plan to stop the foreclosure. We now had 7 days to stop the foreclosure and get her moved to her new house. With the help of our closing attorney, we got everything ready the Friday before the foreclosure (Georgia foreclosures are conducted on the first Tuesday of each month). We stopped the foreclosure and was able to help with her moving expenses.

Her Georgia foreclosure was no longer a problem. She closed on the new house with her daughter. She hugged me so hard, I almost passed out. She has since come by to see us. She loves what we did to the house (it only needed paint and flooring).

If this sounds similar to your situation, contact us. We can help.

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