3 main reasons people look for rental agencies in Middle Georgia

Rental agencies are realtors that manage rental properties for homeowners that can’t or won’t manage their own house as a rental. Many times, homeowners reach out to “rental agencies near me” as a last resort.  Here are the main reasons homeowners choose rent instead of sell their house…

Changes in the housing marketgeorgia landlords

The top reason many homeowners get into renting their house is because they can’t sell the house. The house may not be in good enough condition to attract a buyer. In a buyers’ market, it can be hard to compete with cleaner and nicer houses in the same area if there are lots of houses for sale. Now the homeowner has to pay to fix the house to compete with the neighbors or rent the house until the market gets better.

When the market turns in Middle Georgia and the house is now worth less than it can sell for. This puts the homeowner in a big pinch. Now, they have to pay out of pocket to sell or rent the house until the market comes back up. Most homeowners can’t afford to pay to sell their house, so they call a rental agency (Real Estate Problem Solver has solutions for that, but we will talk about that later).

No time to sell the house

Many homeowners in a time crunch will call a rental agency to rent the house instead of selling because they don’t have time to wait. Military in Middle Georgia get last minute PCS orders all the time. Many times, they have less than 45 days to; get the kids out of school, pack, move (many times, overseas), sell the house and get their family settled into a new location. If a company offers a last-minute job transfer, time burns up fast. The fastest option (correction, most common option) is to rent the house and sell later.

Many homeowners don’t give themselves enough time to put a house on the market before they have to leave and find another house at their new destination. Since many sellers can’t afford to float two mortgages while the old house in waiting to sell, it’s easier to rent house. This not always the best way to go. There are easier ways to sell the house that are just as fast as calling a rental agency.

No sweat rental income

Rental agencies will agree with this. HGTV has painted a huge, romantic picture of making it big in real estate. Investors can buy houses, fix them up and sell or rent them. It looks so easy on tv, Right? Real estate investing has grown more in the last 20 years than ever before.

New investors buying these houses don’t think about becoming a landlord until they own it. Investors want the income, but they didn’t want all the work that comes with it. SO, they call the rental agencies to take over the property management of the house they could not sell or rental they don’t have time to manage themselves.

Homeowners do not have to sell a house if the market is not right for them. There are also alternatives to listing with an agent and taking a hit. Calling a rental agency to rent a house that didn’t sell is one option, but not the only one. We buy houses in these exact situations every month. Contact us and find out how easy this problem is to fix.

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