How many vacant houses are in Warner Robins Georgia?vacant houses in Warner Robins georgia


My partner, and wife, and I drive around Kathleen, Bonaire and Warner Robins Georgia looking for vacant houses every month.

Why? Because home owners run into all kinds of real estate problems that they don’t know how to handle. When this happens, many families that need to sell their house fast (or just need a simple fix) panic.

The first thing most people in Georgia do when they need to sell is call a local real estate agent to list their house and get it sold. If the problem requires them to sell their house fast, they are already doomed. Ninety Five percent of Real estate agents only know one way to sell a house. They call people on their buyer’s list and put the house on the MLS, hoping for a fast buyer. Most of these buyers need bank financing. THAT is where the problem lies. Banks take a minimum of 30 days to lend money on a house (At best). The other five percent of agents are restricted by state regulations from being much help.

At Real Estate Problem Solver, we are not agents, we are real estate professionals. We are more flexible in finding solutions then agents are. We are the cash house buyers, so we can in less than 30 days.

Sometimes the seller doesn’t need to sell their house, they just need help.


A homeowner gets behind on payments and cannot see a way to get caught up. A family that inherits a house from a relative and they live out of state. Many families abandon a house just because they got a last minute job transfer and don’t have time to sell the house they are leaving. These are all reasons we have vacant houses in Houston county Georgia.

Part of our job is to track down these families and try to help them. Finding the owner of a vacant house can be impossible sometimes.

As of 2020, I am glad to say there are not a lot of vacant houses in the Warne Robins area. We drove thru Kathleen, Bonaire and Warner robins this past week and found only two dozen possible vacant houses. This is a good number compared to the average of the last 10 years. Usually, we could find around 100 vacant houses around Houston county Georgia in a given day. This only includes livable houses, not rotted shells waiting to be demolished (those are a different issues). This is good for the community.

This means people are occupying them and paying taxes to the community. This also means fewer vacant houses to become hideouts for criminal activity. In all, it makes our town of Bonaire, Kathleen and Warner Robins Georgia look good.

If you have a problem with a house and you think you need to sell your, Call us first. There may be a better way. It won’t take ten minutes. Contact us. Help keep middle Georgia looking good.

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