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Hawkinsville Georgia is a typical small town of farming and small business owner. This town has maintained a stable housing market for many years, even thru the 2008 housing bust. So what has changed during that time from the housing bust til now? Lets look at the numbers…Hawkinsville Georgia

Hawkinsville Ga real estate numbers

Hawkinsville current population is around 5200 people with 11,200 total residents in all of Pulaski county Ga, so it makes since that less than 100 houses are on the market at any one time. Houses do not sell in Hawkinsville as fast as many metropolitan cities, Average days on market, even during this year’s “sellers” market, still takes 76 days as compared to 30 days of Warner robins and Atlanta. The median price for the houses being sold are $137,000. This includes all styles of residential houses in Hawkinsville. House prices across the range in Hawkinsville start around $35,000 in the lower price points for a move in ready house, while topping out in the $500,000 for 5 and 6-bedroom farm houses with land.

Currently, the highest percent (being at 39%) of Hawkinsville houses being bought are ranging from $100K-200K, with the second highest percent landing in the $200-300 range. Surprisingly, even though the median house price for Pulaski county Ga as a whole is climbing, roughly half of Hawkinsville homeowners actually do not have a mortgage on their home. Which brings up the second surprise. This year, 19% of Hawkinsville pay the Highest avg. Monthly homeowner costs of $1000-1500. Surprisingly, the second highest percent of Hawkinsville homeowners pay less than $300 per month. Seventeen percent of Hawkinsville fall into this category.

This indicates a high number of cash buyers or buyers that put down a large amount on real estate, whether it be a personal house or an investment property. This also explains the lower monthly expense.

Housing styles in Hawkinsville

Hawkinsville has a rich history of real estate dating all the way back to the early 1800’s. Houses like the Taylor Hall House and 25 Merritt st. have been here since the beginning. Over the years, Hawkinsville has collected a diverse array of residential housing. There is a style of house for every taste out there; from Victorian to brick ranch to contemporary, Hawkinsville has a little of everything.

Hawkinsville rental market

Rental housing is still strong in Hawkinsville. Lower income Rental property has increased in demand. With two completed apartment complexes in the last five years. Apartment rents are now ranging from $550/mth to $700/mth for one and two bedrooms. Median rents for Hawkinsville as a whole, which include single family houses, maintain steady at $715/mth on average. Rental houses, depending on the given area and style, average from 650-$1100/mth. Residential Rental property makes up less than 45% of the total housing in Hawkinsville Ga.

Hawkinsville Industrial real estatehawkinsville hotel

In the last three years, Hawkinsville has updated many of its public areas. New updated bridges carrying traffic thru the heart of Hawkinsville on hwy 341 have recently been completed, Increasing traffic for downtown businesses. Local state programs have lent money for Business owners to update store fronts. Some large name companies, like Cherokee brick and Tile, have moved their businesses into the Hawkinsville industrial areas.

Keep Hawkinsville in mind when looking to move to the Middle Georgia area.

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