Get The “F” Out Of Foreclosure.

Your finances, Freedom, and family are the most important parts of your life. If you allow your home to go into foreclosure, it will affect your credit and drastically reduce your chances of getting a new home or car loan later on. It can sometimes even affect your chances for employment. Don’t sacrifice your life by not doing anything. Once you receive your notice of default, the clock starts ticking. In four short weeks, the police could be on your doorstep, ready to escort you out.
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Foreclosure is not as scary as many people think. BUT, there are things that have to be done before the end of the month. Many people don’t realize Georgia has one of the fastest foreclosure processes in the country. FOUR WEEKS of announcements in the county newspaper and they can sell your property on the courthouse steps the first Tuesday of the next month.

FIRST THING TO DO: Call the bank and find out how much it will take to re-instate the loan and the full payoff amount. Whether it is by the online account or they send it by mail. Get those numbers in writing and to what date is that dollar amount is good for.

Next, contact a real estate professional like us. Get an idea of what the house is worth as-is. Can you sell it for the mortgage balance quickly? If So, keep that in mind. That may be your only option. It’s not your first choice, but it is better than the foreclosure on your credit. Do these things first. You only have a month.

Now, run your budget. All your expenses and all your income added up. Are you saving money each month or in the hole each month? If you have money left over, then you have a spending problem. You may be able to sell enough to catch up the mortgage and stay in the house. If you are in the hole each month, you have too many payments going out and something needs to get paid off. This is harder to fix and you may need to downsize to another house for now and get a handle on your finances.

Don’t be afraid. Thousands of people just like you are going through the exact same thing every month. Something in their life has changed too and they can’t afford the house they live in now anymore. The difference is, they don’t know what to do so they don’t do anything until it’s too late. Don’t be like them. You know now what to do about your foreclosure. SO, get the “F” out of it. Let’s handle this situation right now together.

If you decide your best option is to list your house, contact a local real estate agent in Warner Robins.

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