Renting a Warner Robins House with a Pool

If you ask five property managers about renting your Warner Robins house with a pool, you will get six different answers. Pools are a great attractor for renting your house to a tenant and it will bring a much higher rent then the surrounding properties being rented in your area, but there are some issues that you need to be aware of. This post will talk about what to know when you do rent your Warner Robins Georgia house with a pool.

A pool is an expensive item to add when you buy a Warner Robins Georgia house. They are great fun in the summer and a good place to hang out when family and friends come over. The bad side about that pool is the work required to keep it up and loss you will take when you sell your Warner Robins house.

You may not have been told this, but unless you get very lucky, most people will not get their investment back out of a pool. The house will still only sell for so much. That’s the way any market is. BUT, what if you were to rent the house, instead of selling, to supplement your income? Would it be ok to rent a house with a pool? The main points to know about renting a house with a pool involves liability and maintenance.

Cover your rental assets

Let’s start with the liability of renting your Warner Robins house with a pool. Insurance requires most homeowners to fence in their pool as a homeowner, so of course, you will be required to have that and other protections on a pool that is at a rental house. If something happens to a tenant or tenants’ child, you could be in for a lawsuit. No one wants anything to happen and you are certainly not the one that caused the accident, but there are people out there that either thinks money will ease their pain or use a tragedy to earn an easy dollar. To protect yourself, make sure your rental agreement has a general “hold harmless” clause in bold type and another specifically addressing accidents pertaining to the pool. To help add to the protection, we add a second document to our rental agreement that addresses the use of the pool, rules of the pool and another ”hold harmless” clause to ensure they understand that they are renting a house with a pool “at their own risk”.

Maintain your rental assets

It would also be a good idea to talk to your insurance agent about additional coverage. Good Property managers will have a general liability umbrella policy for good measure. It’s not expensive and it can help if something does happen.

Taking care of the pool at your Warner Robins rental house comparatively easy. We suggest having a professional service. This will accomplish two things. You will be assured the pool will stay in good working order (tenants rarely know how to take care of a pool properly). Also, if you can build a good report with the service person, he can report how the tenants are caring for the rest of the house. Sneaky, huh. The extra cost of having the pool serviced by a professional should be covered in the rent. That is why you are charging more rent for the house. It has a pool and they don’t have to take care of it.

If you need more information on renting your Warner Robins Georgia House with a pool, call Double D Property Solutions.

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