What to expect when selling your house to a Georgia Wholesaler

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Are you thinking about selling your house to a wholesaler in Georgia? Selling to a direct buyer is a little different than selling with an agent on the MLS.

When people need to sell their homes fast, it is becoming increasingly common to google the local Georgia wholesalers or investors. This ever-increasing industry of instant buyers (iBuyers) are becoming more popular for people who don’t have time to sit around and wait for a real estate agent to bring a buyer to them. Let’s go over how this process works.

The Initial Meeting

When you contact a local wholesaler, they will ask a few questions about the house, your situation and see if you fit their criteria. Not all Wholesale companies are the same. If one does not qualify your house, call another. Once you find a company that is willing to work with you, they will come out to the house and do an initial inspection.

The Timeframe

Instant house buyers in middle Ga make a living being fast. The process of buying your house will typically be over pretty quickly, usually in about 30 days or less. Wholesalers are cash buyers and have the process ironed out to get you paid quickly.

Even if you get an offer with a real estate agent in the first week, the process of selling your house on the MLS can still take two to three months. These buyers still have to have an appraisal, inspection, bank approval and will usually negotiate over repairs.

What’s Expected of YouGeorgia wholesaler Ibuyer

The great part about selling your house with a wholesaler in Middle Georgia is that you won’t have to worry about repairs, maintenance, or cleaning up. They (or their buyer) will purchase your property as-is. The advantage of selling to a wholesaler is speed and convenience. There are no repairs or cleanup required. This makes selling to a wholesaler very nice for people with busy lives.

As the seller, very little is required of you when working with a property wholesaler. Most wholesalers will make an offer based on the comparable houses that have sold in your area recently in the same condition. Of course, selling your house to a wholesaler is similar to selling your car to CarMax. You’re not going to get bluebook value; they have to make a profit for their services. If you are more interested in making the most money on your house than getting the house sold, this would not be the best option for you.

Once you accept an offer, the rest is just waiting. The wholesaler will bring in his buyer to finish the process at the closing table (if they don’t buy the house themselves, which many do) and your house is sold.

What you should expect from the wholesaler


Georgia Wholesalers make offers on houses to buy in a timely manner. With that, you should expect the sale of your house to move quickly. Your wholesaler should be able to explain the entire process to you or have an attorney that can explain how it works.

The wholesaler you are working with should provide transparent numbers to explain how they came up with their final offer. Once you accept the offer, you should expect your wholesaler to keep you informed of everything that is happening. You should not feel like you’re in the dark or that something is not clear about the process.

Expect some flexibility


The job of a Georgia wholesaler is to buy your house as fast as possible. This sometimes require creative thinking to complete the transaction. The wholesaler you are working with may make an offer that is different than what you expected or a little unconventional. Don’t panic. Be open minded. if you don’t understand the offer, run the offer by an experienced real estate attorney.


When you are ready to talk to an instant buyer, contact us to buy your middle Ga house fast.

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